Oxford (Hebden Bridge) Flood Network

On 15th-17th August we’ll be at Wuthering Bytes technology festival at Hebden Bridge where Ben & Andrew will be talking about and making the Oxford Flood Network. 

If you’ve never been before, Wuthering Bytes is held in the picturesque and quirky town of Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. It’s a combination of a technology festival and the Open Source Hardware Camp, an annual event run by OSHUG (Open Source Hardware Users’ Group) and thoroughly recommended for meeting people whose desks are covered in dev boards and Raspberry Pis.


On Saturday Ben will be exploring citizen sensing and creating your own evidence for your own issues such as flooding, air quality or noise.

On Sunday 17th Ben & Andrew will be running a workshop, so bring your wellies and we’ll split into two teams - one installing the wireless sensors in useful locations around the town, the other linking these up to the Internet using Raspberry Pi, Node Red, MQTT and lots of other sexy Internet of Things technologies.

If you want more information about the project, have a look at  or just get hacking on https://github.com/oxfloodnet 

See you there!

Ben & Andrew

Making a citizen-built flood detection network in Oxford, based on river levels, groundwater and local knowledge.

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