Documentation Update

We Have Wiki

There’s a new Wiki at which we’re using to collect unstructured information like system architecture, aims and guides.

Here’s a quick preview of the block diagram which explains the parts:


Parts List, Schematic and Gerbers

The PCB design files and a Bill of Materials are now on github which you can use to build your own sensors. The BoM is in Excel format at the moment, but we’ll try to keep things out of binary formats where possible. (PCB designs are EagleCAD format which must be binary.) 

Gateway Device still needs work

There is a lot to do on the gateway device github area. A generic base SD card image with the latest Node-RED would be a start. Any help appreciated. 

Feels like it’s coming together at last.

Making a citizen-built flood detection network in Oxford, based on river levels, groundwater and local knowledge.

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